March 2024

Lactic Acid Project BCML

Alpine Engineering provides essential technology and equipment for India's first lactic acid plant, fostering sustainable production practices.

Gonda, Uttar Pradesh

Setting the Standard for Lowest Carbon Footprint in Lactic Acid Production

Alpine Engineering will provide lactic acid production technology to Balrampur Chini Mills Limited (BCML) to aid in building India's first lactic acid and PLA plant.
This modern facility will produce 115,000 tonnes of lactic acid and will be situated next to one of BCML's sugar cane processing plants. This proximity allows BCML to utilize the country's primary agricultural crop, significantly contributing to India's sustainability objectives.

Balrampur Chini Mills Limited, one of India´s top sugar producer with a daily crushing capacity of 80,000 tonnes across ten plants, is deeply committed to sustainability.
They are already the largest producer of bioethanol for fuel in India and they also use waste products from the sugar mills for power generation.

The implementation of this new bioplastic production capability marks the next phase in the company’s path towards achieving Net Zero. Essentially, it will enhance the company's ongoing initiatives to boost resource efficiency and reduce its environmental impact.

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